State of Missouri employees - switch to Sprint and Get up to $300. Switch now and get 4 lines of Unlimted for $22.50 month per line. Plus for a limited time, your 5th line is free! Switch your family to Sprint!

Exclusive program for new Sprint Discount Program eligible accounts like yours:

  • Receive up to $300 via Visa Prepaid Card when you activate up to 3 new lines (handsets only, tablets do not qualify)
    • Get $100 for 1 line, $200 for 2 lines, $300 for 3 lines
  • Requires new account activation with 1 ported line on Unlimited Freedom Plan – lines can be activated on different days
  • Employee Discount validation required at www.sprint.com/verify

Plan Pricing

For new accounts on Unlimited Freedom, which includes unlimited talk, text, and data only from Sprint. Get 4 lines for $22.50 each per month, and line 5 is FREE.  Unlimited Freedom promotional pricing shown with $5 AutoPay discount on lines 1-10, $5 SDP employee discount on line 6: 
  • Line 1: $50/mo.
  • Line 2: $40/mo.
  • Lines 3-5: FREE
  • Lines 6 – $25/mo.
  • Lines 7-10: $30/mo/line
    • Includes HD streaming and 10GB of hotspot data per line.
    • Autopay required for promotional pricing.
  • Customers will receive the promotional pricing on all lines until 9/30/18, after that, the $5/account Employee Discount will apply.
    • After 9/30/18, SDP customers will pay $55/mo. for line 1, $40/mo for line 2 and $30/mo for lines 3-10.

What if I’m a current customer?

  • Current customers without a discount can add their discount code by visiting www.sprint.com/verify, and their discount will be added depending on their current rate plan, if applicable.
  • Current customers can switch to our Sprint Unlimited plan and get $5 off per account with our Discount Program.
  • Regular pricing for Sprint Unlimited is $55 for line 1, $40 for line 2, $30 for lines 3-10.  This includes your employee discount of $5 off per account on line 1, and Autopay discount.
  • Call or visit a store to check your eligibility – phone still under contract may incur additional fees to switch to Unlimited Freedom.

How to Receive Discount

  1. Visit or call Sprint at 866-639-8354
  2. Use this code for the Sprint Discount Program. Corporate ID: GSSMO_WCA_ZZZ
  3. Visit www.sprint.com/verify

Contact Information

Call Sprint Sales: 866-639-8354 Discount questions? Call Sprint Care: 888-211-4727 Visit a local Sprint Store: sprint.com/storelocator