The State of Missouri Employee Discount website exists to identify active and retired Missouri state employees discounts on products and services from applicable vendors in order to express appreciation for their valued service to Missouri citizens. All discounted products and services identified on this website are provided at no cost to state employees or the State of Missouri. See more at (link to website). 

Website Details

In its discretion, the State of Missouri will post information about discounts for state employees from approved vendors on an online bulletin board.  All vendors who wish to have their discounted products or services listed on the website must complete the Vendor Application Form.

The vendor’s offer must be of added value or an actual discount.  Posted discount offers are limited to attractions, recreational facilities, products, services, as well as entertainment and sporting events. 

Offers that compete or conflict with existing services or programs already provided to employees through the State of Missouri will not be accepted.

The vendor will be notified via electronic mail whether the discount offer is approved.  If approved, the vendor must provide a one-page electronic document (PDF) that provides all pertinent discount information and includes the following:

  • Company name and address or locations
  • Any state employment verification requirements needed to receive the discount (check stub, identification badge)
  • Applicable pricing or examples
  • Contact and customer service information
  • Passwords, activation codes or  account numbers needed to obtain or request the discount; and,
  • Any limitations or restrictions that apply to the offer.

Vendors’ requirements for active or retired state employees to receive discounts may vary and can include coupons, flyers, use of the posted PDF and/or presentation of a State of Missouri identification badge or most recent check stub.

Vendors must inform the State of Missouri of any changes that may affect the discount.  A vendor may remove its discount by submitting a written request to discounts@oa.mo.gov.

Employees and retirees should contact the individual vendor should they have questions about discounts, including questions regarding proof of employment requirements or eligibility limitations.

All posted offers will be available to all active state employees.

Some discounts may not always be available to both active and retired state employees.


The State of Missouri at no time endorses nor recommends any vendors who identify discounts in this website. No information regarding this online bulletin board or individual vendor discount offers should be posted on or at any state property in order to ensure compliance with "No Solicitation" policies.  This website does not permit any vendor to initiate unsolicited contact, in any medium, with state employees at work locations, including individual agency human resource offices/officers.

The State of Missouri does not solicit discounts. Discounts are offered solely at the discretion of the vendor and must be offered in the ordinary course of business.  In offering discounts on goods and services, all vendors must comply with theMissouri Merchandising Practice Act (MMPA), Chapter 407 of the Missouri Revised Statute (RSMo).

The State at its discretion has the right to reject any discount, product or service offering, including, but not limited to, an offer that is not offered to all state employees and retiree, is not offered in the vendor’s ordinary course of business, is not appropriate or may be a work distraction or is otherwise deemed outside the scope of the intended purpose of the website as determined by the State of Missouri. While every effort will be made to ensure the information provided is accurate and reliable, the State is not responsible for verifying or conducting investigations of the offers contained in the links provided, and neither endorses nor recommends any of the attractions, recreational facilities, products, services, or entertainment and sporting events described.  Additionally, the State of Missouri assumes no obligations for arrangements based on the discounts listed, as all arrangements are between the active or retired state employee, as a consumer, and the individual vendor offering the discount listed.

Anything purchased with a discount from the website is the sole responsibility of the individual employee.  No offer shall be allowed to compete or conflict with any current state program.

By taking part in the website, the vendor agrees not to contact individual state agencies, or offer separate discounts over and above the currently posted offer to individual state agencies or individual state employees.

The State, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to decline to post a requested discount, and to terminate or suspend any vendor’s discount offer with or without notice and for any reason, including, without limitation, breach of any terms and condition described in this Disclaimer.  Any suspected fraudulent, abusive or illegal activity connected to, or associated with a discount offer may result in the removal of the discount offer, referral to appropriate law enforcement authorities, and termination of the vendor’s right to submit future discount offers to the State Employee Discount Website.  The State shall not be liable to the vendor or any third party for any claims or damages resulting from the removal of the discount offer, or any other actions taken by the State in connection therewith.  The State, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to cancel the website for any reason without notice.